Low price t-shirts and web store for benefit fundraising

We make raising funds for your benefit easy!

Why are custom t-shirts a great way to raise funds for your group?

Virtually everyone owns multiple t-shirts. People love to wear them to send a message of team loyalty, support of an important cause, advertising a business and many other reasons. Most people just simply love wearing t-shirts especially when it is customized.

There are a lot of different fundraisers that are popular. However, many do not offer lasting value. Custom t-shirts do offer lasting value and offer a product that supporters love to buy.

Here are a few of our web stores that we can create for your cause or group.

We customize each fundraising web store to include the products and information about your group or cause. We
complete all of the orders and ship directly to each customer. We make it easy from start to finish.

Since the funds raised from the sales of the t-shirts is the most important goal of most groups, we recommend that you maximize your profit opportunities.  You will make more profit selling a white or light color t-shirt with one color print. Most shirts are sold for at least $10 each, and would net 75% profit for larger orders of white t-shirts with a one color print.  So, please keep this in mind as you design your t-shirt.

Double your profit up to 50% 

Free Bonus T-Shirts for your group*

Bonus free t-shirts for school, sports team fundraising

Your team or group will receive 3 free Bonus t-shirts
for every $100 in fundraising sales.*

We will add the Bonus t-shirt to your web store and brochure. Instruct your group members to promote the sale of the Bonus t-shirts to help add additional profit to your sale.  Inform each buyer that your group will keep 100% of the sales of the Bonus t-shirts they order for every $33.33 in merchandise they purchase.  You may sell the Bonus t-shirts for as little as just $5.00 each or up to $8.25 each and keep all of the profit. Not only a great way to increase your profit, but a great way to reward the supporters of your group with a low priced item. If you sell more bonus t-shirts than you qualify based on your sales, you will be charged only $5.00 per shirt. So, you cannot lose promoting the Bonus T-Shirts.

As illustrated below, your group can add 15%-25% additional profit by selling the bonus t-shirts. Your group can select the amount you want to charge for the bonus t-shirts from $5.00 to $8.25. 

Profit examples selling Free Bonus T-Shirts* 

using our average sale of $2500 selling maximum of 3 free t-shirts* per $100 in fundraising sales.

Total Sales
Bonus T-Shirt Selling Price*
Total Fundraiser Profit
% Profit

*Minimum sales to receive any free t-shirts is $1200.00 in sales excluding shipping, tax and bonus t-shirt sales.  Bonus t-shirt sales are not included in determining the number of free t-shirts awarded.  Free bonus t-shirts are only provided when ordered by the customer.  Not valid with other offers. Limited time only. Free t-shirts include sizes up to adult XL with one color print on white t-shirts. No cash value. Additional restrictions may apply. Contact us for complete details.

The prices below include one print location up to size XL.  Additional print locations are available for an additional charge.  All designs that contain more than three ink colors will be converted to a maximum of three ink colors.

Additional charges for sizes larger than XL. Price reflects printing in one location only. Additional charges for multiple print locations.